February 19, 2014

Inspiring Employees

Iowa Home Care shares employee testimonials from wellness program participants that are top performers from post-program evaluation comments.  Each year, Iowa Home Care acknowledges and honors its employees’ success.  Employees can nominate themselves or their colleagues for the Wellness Leadership Award.  Employees who have gone “above and beyond” to improve their health and well-being or to help others succeed will be recognized.  In 2013, Annie Strawn was nominated by her co-workers for her commitment to wellness and for encouraging and inspiring them to live a healthy lifestyle.  She is the first recipient of the Iowa Home Care Wellness Leadership Award.  Congratulations Annie!

Here’s what employees are saying about the Iowa Home Care Wellness Program:
“Prior to participating in the Wellness Program here at IHC I had little to no energy, was unmotivated and felt overall unhealthy.  Since joining the group work out sessions, I have more energy and feel great.  I have been able to manage my diet along with working out.  I have lost inches and feel great.  The new fitness schedule offers opportunities to all employees to fit into their daily schedules.  Denny is great at working with each individual and modifying exercises when needed.  Not only am I keeping fit and active, but I have gotten to know and enjoy the company of other IHC employees.”
Rachel Eick, RN, BSN, COS-C, PI Manager, West Des Moines

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