April 22, 2016

Five tips to avoid Frauds and Scams

Five tips to avoid Frauds and Scams: • Avoid sending money or providing personal financial information. Don’t disclose your bank account, credit card, Medicare or social security numbers to people you don’t know. Don’t cash checks from unknown sources; these checks are usually a scam. • Do not speak at length with people who are unfamiliar to you. Don’t answer questions of a private matter over the phone, internet, or at the door. Never indicate that you live alone. • Do not sign any documents without reviewing them carefully. Have a family member or your lawyer review any contracts or paperwork that requires signatures. • Reach out for help before spending or investing considerable amounts of money. Contact AARP or the National Fraud Information Center if you’re uncertain about a transaction or transfer of money. • Shred all ills, notices, and personal mail before throwing them away. Information regarding your financial institution is often retrieved by con artists from discarded mail that is not shredded. One of the most important fraud protection tips is to tear up or shred all mail before throwing it away.

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