June 3, 2016

Summer Safety Reminder

Summer is here and it can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors. However, without the appropriate clothing, protection and education, the summertime can also bring multiple health issues such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and sunburn are some of the common aliments during the summer time. Signs of heat exhaustion include fatigue, weakness, nausea, heavy sweating or no sweating, rapid pulse, confusion or fainting. To avoid heat exhaustion, follow these simple steps: • Plan outdoor activities for the morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat of the day • Look for shade areas such as covered porch or under a tree • Wear loose-fitting clothes in natural fabrics that will reflect the sun and heat • Use sun screen along with a wide brimmed hat or an umbrella to protect from overexposure to the sun • Heat can impact seniors indoors as well. If possible, use an air conditioner and lower the shades to keep the light and heat out • Never leave children or pets inside a car as temperatures inside a car can rise very quickly

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