August 29, 2016

"Water and Exercise"

“Water and Exercise” by our Health & Wellness Director, Denny Kigin: Nearly two thirds of the human body is made of water. Water is an essential nutrient that is involved in every function of the body. It helps transport nutrients in and waste products out of cells. By drinking an adequate amount of water each day, you can ensure that your body has all it needs to maintain good health. Here are some tips for drinking more water every day: 1.Starting the day out hydrated is key 2.If you’re an exerciser, drink water before and after your workout 3.Proper hydration improves the quality of your workout, reduces fatigue, and reduces recovery time 4.Some symptoms of dehydration are headache, poor concentration, tiredness, and constipation Wellness begins at home. To learn more about Iowa Home Care, visit

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