February 22, 2017

Q1 Managers Meeting

The Iowa Home Care managers never stop learning and improving their skills. All six offices and the Corporate office are represented. The 1st Quarter Managers Meeting is underway....review, discuss, plan, critique and celebrate! Kimberly Weber, Kasi Nichols Wares, Tina Coleman, Marcus Miller, Joe Coy, Jeff Borup, Rachel Edge, Rachel Eick, Jennifer Cooley Degner, Diane Humphrey, Harlene Hall, Delaine Aves, Malinda Bragg, Jyoti Sargent, Jackie Luna, Jamie Mathis, Dawn Logan, Lisa Heinrich Purvis, Billie Hall, Elisa Hutchinson, Shelly Long, Denny Kigin, Kevin Menke, Dawn Murphy, Brenda Goeden, Effie Hill, Charles Ganske, Cheryl A Dean, and Jackie Luna.

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