For the love of home.
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About Us

Our Story

I believe in the power of home. I believe people are their healthiest and happiest in their own homes. We know our clients and their families feel this way; and you may think so too because you’re visiting our Iowa Home Care website. Thank you!

We also know that sometimes people need a helping hand to stay in their homes. With the assistance of a Nurse, Home Health Aide, or Therapist, people can thrive in their own homes as long as possible, avoiding hospitals or long-term care facilities.

Home is a sacred place. One filled with comfort, emotions, memories, and a general feeling of safety and belonging. When someone is stripped away from this comfort, they often lose their will to thrive and heal. This is why we believe in home health care. Allowing someone to experience healing in their favorite place is a gift, it is my passion, and it’s why in 2004 I founded Iowa Home Care.

What started as a small office in West Des Moines serving Central Iowa has grown. Iowa Home Care is now serving 36 counties across Iowa, and we’re still expanding. Our purpose remains the same; to give clients choice in who assists them in their home, provide top-notch care, and do so with love and respect.

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about Iowa Home Care. I appreciate your interest and I hope that our website will answer many of your questions. If you’d like to speak to someone directly, we’re always here, so please contact us.

For the love of home,

Kimberly A. Weber, RN, MS, CHCE, COS-C

Our Beliefs

At Iowa Home Care we center all decisions around our Mission, Vision, and Values. These were not created as part of a marketing exercise, only to be filed away and collect dust. We revisit our beliefs daily, and plan and provide care based on them.

This is the only way to make sure we’re doing what’s best for our clients. Our Mission, Vision and Values, and the attention we pay to them, keep us client-focused and ultimately ensure our own success.

Our Mission compels us to provide effective, professional care and to enhance the lives with which we’re entrusted.

Our Vision reminds us that we must provide services that improve our client’s quality of life and refresh their spirit.

Our Values guide us to be Professional, Loving, Dedicated, A-Players. These are the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable.

Most importantly, a client is never just a “number” to Iowa Home Care. Because we consciously incorporate our Mission, Vision, and Values into our actions, we never lose sight of the client as an individual entitled to expert and loving care, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Client-Centered Service Model

This diagram was designed to be reflective of our priorities and employee impact at Iowa Home Care. The client, of course, is central in importance and the largest circle. Without our clients, Iowa Home Care does not exist. Our Home Health Aides, who have the most contact with our clients, are the next ring in the model. This incredible team cares at a very close level, and when one of them is unavailable for the day, the impact is felt immediately and certainly noticed by our clients. As each part of our team is further from the client, their circle shrinks in size and impact. This entire circle is support by our administrative staff. Their jobs truly exist to provide love, support, and helpful processes in the office not only for the clients, but for the care teams serving each and every day out in client homes. The client and their choices, health and well-being are always the center of our universe, and we love it this way.

Why Choose Iowa Home Care?

When you choose a home health care provider, you’re not just looking for excellent medical care, you also want security and peace of mind for yourself or your loved one. At Iowa Home Care, we have only one purpose: to provide loving nursing, therapy and personal care services in the home. Home health care is all we do, and we do it very well.

We see people, not numbers. When you choose Iowa Home Care, you’re choosing us because we treat each person individually, meeting their unique needs. Not only are physical needs are met, we also provide resources to assist with social and emotional support, as well as companionship and friendship to everyone we serve. At Iowa Home Care, we treat you like family, and everyone is entitled to respect, privacy and dignity.

We respect independence. Our primary goal is to keep our clients in the comfort of their homes for as long as possible, keeping them out of hospitals and institutions. Our team listens to our clients, educates, and empowers their decision-making. Knowing you have a say will put you at ease.

We go above and beyond. We coordinate and communicate our schedules clearly; we provide aromatherapy, warm towels, light tissue massage…and more. That’s how we would like to be treated, so that’s what we do for our clients. You, or your loved one, will be in safe and gentle hands.

We are flexible and accessible. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Waivers and Private Insurance.