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Your Experience Matters

You have a choice in home health providers. When you choose Iowa Home Care for yourself or your loved one, we want you to know we’re committed to our clients in both body and spirit. The client experience matters to us.

To make sure that our clients are treated with the respect they deserve and have the experience we’d like ourselves, we’ve taken some unique steps.

Beyond the excellent medical care we provide, our caregivers want to provide a “wow” experience. Warm towels, aromatherapy, a fresh drink of water…these are just some of the things we do to make sure our clients are comfortable and peaceful.

We always want to know how we’re doing- we mean this! If we’re doing something right, of course we like to hear about it, but we also want to know where we can improve. Please provide your feedback by calling (877) 4 CARE IA. 

Your Rights

As a client of Iowa Home Care you have rights that we honor and hold sacred. We respect our clients, and encourage you to take an active part in your care.

You have the right to excellent care. We will provide services in accordance with your physician’s orders; we will provide access to a full range of medical and personal cares as needed.

You have the right to be informed. We will educate you about the treatments or procedures you receive; we will communicate in a language or form you can understand; we will give you information about costs and payments, including Medicare, Medicaid and VA.

You have the right to self-determination. We will involve you in your care planning.

You have the right to privacy. We will guard your health information; we will treat you with respect; we will protect your safety and security.

You have the right to complain. We will listen and respond to your grievances.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Notice of Non-Discrimination


The word Safety might mean different things to you or your loved one. Security. Peace of mind. Confidence. When you’re choosing Iowa Home Care as your home health agency, you’re selecting us because we’ve thought about all of these things, and more. Safety, and all of its meanings, is what we provide our clients and their families.

You can be confident, knowing that our team of Nurses, Medical Social Workers, Therapists and Home Health Aides have been trained specifically in home health, and that they coordinate their services. Medication management, wound care, fall and accident prevention, rehabilitative therapies; all will be done by professionals working together.

Peace of mind is what happens when you know that visits will be regular, and that a physician’s Plan of Care will be followed. Changes in health or behavior can be reported to the doctor.

Security is knowing that your loved one is being cared for not only medically, but that their hygiene and personal care needs are being met, too.

Safety, and everything the word entails, is our first priority at Iowa Home Care.


Q. What is home health care?

A. Home health care is a solution for many who prefer to stay at home to receive their physician-ordered or authorized medical care. It can include skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy, medical social work services, personal care and bathing, as well as homemaker, respite and CDAC.

Q. What are the advantages of home health care?

A. Home health care allows you or your loved one to remain in the comfort of your own home while receiving medical treatment, preventing or delaying the need to go to a hospital or long-term care facility.  A dedicated care team will deliver these services, always keeping your wants and best interest in mind, and work collaboratively with you and your physician to ensure the very best outcomes. We believe that you or your loved one will be happier and healthier in your own home.

Q. How is Iowa Home Care different?

A. We’re independently owned and operated. This allows for a unique client experience, and a team committed to staying cutting edge, both in service delivery and employment opportunities. We don’t have to jump through corporate hoops to initiate positive change. Everything we do is done with love, kindness, and respect for our clients and staff.  We include personal touches like complimentary aromatherapy, soft tissue massage and more.

Q. How do I seek home care for myself or a loved one?

A. Call us at any of our locations and we will take it from there.  We realize this is a stressful time for your family and we will make it simple.  We’ll contact your physician, verify your insurance, and visit you in the comfort of your own home. If you are in the hospital, skilled nursing unit or a residential care facility, prior to discharge we can visit you to ensure a smooth transition to home.  Iowa Home Care is only a phone call away, and we’re here to serve you.

Q. Who pays for home care?

A. Home care is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Our team of professionals will work with your insurance provider to verify your coverage. Other coverage options include Private Insurance, Veterans Administration, Waiver Programs, local county funds, and private pay.

Q. Do you only work with seniors?

A. No. We serve everybody; infants, children, adolescents, and adults of all ages.

Q. Do you communicate and coordinate with my regular doctors?

A. Yes. In fact, your doctors appreciate getting feedback from us, and knowing you’re in good hands.

Q. I just had an accident and I was injured. Does home care make sense for me?

A. Absolutely. Our Medical Social Workers and Therapists will assist you with rehab or any special equipment that you might need. Our Nurses will help with any medications or wounds, and our Home Health Aides can assist you with personal care needs. At Iowa Home Care, everyone works together so you can go home.

Q. What about if I have a hip replacement? Or knee(s)? Shoulder(s)? Will Iowa Home Care work for me?

A. Yes. Just like we’d help if you had an accident, our Medical Social Workers and Therapists will assist you with rehab or any special equipment that you might need. Our Nurses will help with any medications or wounds, and our Home Health Aides can assist you with personal care needs. Our team works together so you can go home after a joint replacement.

Q. How often will someone visit me?

A. The frequency of our visits will be determined by the services we’re providing. We’ll call ahead to confirm the visits, and make sure we properly identify ourselves when we arrive. Iowa Home Care doesn’t want there to be any surprises or uncertainty.

Q. Where are your offices? Who can you serve?

A. Iowa Home Care has offices in West Des Moines, Webster City, Marshalltown, and Ottumwa. We have clients in many, many Iowa counties.